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In the summer of 2018, Top Golf Gears put forward fifteen instructional pages by Brian Davis within the instruction component of its website

The pages are almost, if not completely, identical to the pages that have been presented in Generally Eclectic since 2015. Some of the pages even include pictures of the author of the pages in Generally Eclectic.

Who is Top Golf Gears?

Top Golf Gears is a website set up to help golf buyers "navigate through the ocean of choices and choose the best products for (them)". To carry out this goal, the site enlists both the creator of the site and his "team of experts from around the globe". According to the website, the founder is Frank Eastwood, Chief Executive Officer of a consulting firm in Portland Oregon. The business address is a residential property in Renton, Washington State. Click HERE for details.

The site focuses and provides articles on equipment purchases such as golf buying guides, golf clubs, golf apparel, golf training equipment, golf balls.

The team of experts from around the world include Sylvia Ng, John Smith, and Brian Davis. There is no information on the website about these experts or their expertise. A Google check on the names Sylvia Ng and John Smith did not turn up a well-known golfer. The same check did turn up a Brian Davis, who is a well-known PGA tour professional. There is no indication that the Brian Davis mentioned on the website is the well-known PGA tour professional.

In addition to the articles on equipment, the site ncludes a series of golf "Instructions and Tips" articles. On the website, they appear in a column on the right hand side of the page. At the time of this review, the articles began in April 2018 under the authorship of Top Golf Gears. In May 2018, Sylvia Ng was the primary "author". From mid-June to mid-July,John Smith was the primary "author". The first article by Brian Davis was dated in early June 2018. He became the primary "author" in mid-July until the articles ceased on October 20, 2018.

The articles from were dated in the period July 23, 2018 to July 31, 2018.

The website does not appear to have maintained currency and may be going dormant. There are few articles from 2019, for example.

What are the "Issues"?

The issue is plagiarim, i.e. the process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own. Specifically, the site attributes sixteen pages to "Brian Davis" that were developed by He definitely did not create the pages attributed to him, whoever he may be. Plagiarism is not a crime, but it is unethical.

The issue is not copyright infringement. long ago waived its copyright privileges related to the Guide to the Golf Swing. The goal of the Guide was and continues to be to help golfers enjoy the game more by enhancing their success at it. Making the material more widely available by copying it to another website achieves this goal.

Attributing the web pages from either to or to no one would have been okay, but falsely attributing the pages to "Brian Davis" is worth noting.

It is an interesting question whether other materials on the site have been plagiarized. For these materials, copyright infringement may be involved.

It is worth noting that the underlying idea that (1) a lot of useful material on all aspects of golf are on the internet and (2) a resource that guides users through these materials may be of value. A guided tour of these sites that includes reviews of the sites may add even more value. Pointers to the sites rather than plagiarized copies could work well.

Spot the differences

Generally Eclectic Top Golf Gears
Introduction Guide to the Golf Swing (P1) - Jul 23, 2018
Ch 1: Anatomy, Physics and the Swing Guide To The Golf Swing (P2) - Jul 24, 2018
Ch 2: Cocking and Uncocking the Wrists Guide To The Golf Swing (P3) - Jul 24, 2018
Ch 3: Rotating the Forearms Guide to the Golf Swing (P4) - Jul 24, 2018
Ch 4: Moving the Upper Arms MOVING THE UPPER ARMS IN THE SHOULDER SOCKETS - Jul 24, 2018
Ch 5: Rotating the Upper Arms ROTATING THE UPPER ARMS IN THE SHOULDER SOCKET - Jul 24, 2018
Ch 6: Moving the Shoulder Sockets THE SHOULDER SOCKET AND THE GOLF SWING - Jul 24, 2018
Ch 7: Twisting and Untwisting the Spine TWISTING AND UNTWISTING THE SPINE - Jul 26, 2018
Ch 8: Moving the "Hips" Moving The ”HIPS”- Jul 30, 2018
Ch 9: Spinal Tilt Forward Lean And Spinal Tilt - Jul 31, 2018
Ch 10: Some Elementary Physics Some Elementary Physics - Jul 31, 2018
Ch 11: Physics and the Swing's Movements The Physics of The Swing's Movements - Jul 31, 2018
Ch 12: Modeling the Swing Modeling The Golf Swing - Jul 31, 2018
Ch 13: Applying the Golf Swing Model Applying The Golf Swing Model - Jul 31, 2018
Ch 14: Applying the Movements Applying The Movements in Your Swing - Jul 30, 2018
Ch 15: Exercising for the Golf Swing Exercising for The Golf Swing - Jul 30, 2018