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Global Warming and Canada: Getting to Zero by 2060 [PDF]: The Guide takes as a starting point the key message of climate science (namely humans need to reduce emissions to zero, the sooner the better), outlines Canada's emissions, analyzes on a sector by sector basis the extent to which technologies and practices can get Canadian emissions to zero, and summarizes the sectoral findings (94 percent reduction in emissions by 2060). To see an HTML table of contents of the report, click HERE. For an HTML summary of the full report, click HERE and for a PDF version of the summary of the full report, click HERE.

Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada: This section addresses policies in two parts. The first part defines the issues and options: see Defining Issues and Options [HTML]. The second part analyzes the options in terms of the issues (Analyzing Issues and Options) that present identifical informaiton in three formats: Scrolling HTML; Scrolling HTML with fixed header; and (printable) PDF.

The Museum of Climate Change and Global Warming [HTML]: A proposal for the development of a science museum that explains the earth's energy budget, climate changes through history, how the earth's climate systems are changing the energy balance, the workings of climate models, technological solutions, and the history of climate science and its scientists.

Climate Change Technologies [HTML]: Getting emissions to green house gas emissions to zero by 2060 will require revolutionary changes in the way we live. To a large extent, we are relying on new technologies between now and then. To get a perspective on how quickly technologies are evolving, this section looks at scientific reports in key sectors over an eighteen month period. Check out the new developments.