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"Potpourri" is a mixture of things.

There is nothing here yet, but some projects underway include:

1. Concepts of "God". There are many. Some of us see "God" as a separate entity from humans. This entity can be angry with and judgmental of humans, indifferent to humans, or loving and benevolent toward humans. "God" can be limited to humans or may "God" to all living things. In addition, some believe "God" does not exist. These different concepts lead to different ideas on many topics. What is our purpose? What is right and wrong? What is prayer and what should be prayed for, if anything? What is the meaning of pain and suffering? Does hell exist? How do we related to other humans, and other living things?

2. Language. Languages handle different linguistic constructions - verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc. - in different way. They also handle different cultural aspects - notably gender - differently. This project will explore these differences in English, Spanish, French and Swahili.

3. Five reasons why you should visit northern Tanzania. This slide show will present one of the most fascinating parts of our beautiful planet.