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Golf SwingGuide to the Golf Swing [PDF] is for the keen golfer interested in understanding the fundamentals of the golf swing, as the basis for improving his or her game. The Guide outlines the key movements in the golf swing: cocking of wrists; rotation of forearms; rotating the upper arm in the shoulder socket; movement of the upper arms in the shoulder socket; movement of the shoulder socket; twisting the spine; hip rotation through leg action; and tilting the spine. It outlines how to perform the individual movements and the muscles involved, the physics of the individual movements, how the movements work together in the overall swing via a golf swing model, how to practice the movements together, and exercises targeted at the key muscles controlling each movement. The exercises address how to increase both strength of the kind required for the golf swing, plus flexibility. Along the way, it address subsidiary questions such as head positions throughout the golf swing. HTML versions of the chapters are also available.

Guide to the Putting StrokeGuide to the Putting Stroke [PDF} applies many of the themes in the Guide to the Golf Swing to the putting stroke. It examines various ways one can stroke a putt against factors relevant to effectiveness.

Golf Model Golf Model [XLSX] is the spreadsheet used in the Guide to the Golf Swing to calculate the effect on minimum club head speed of the various movements n the golf swing. Through the spreadsheet, you can enter your personal information to determine your own swing speed calculation. You can use the Golf Model to addess a number questions. What movements are the most important in my swing and therefore deserving of most of my practice time? What movement have little impact, and can they be dispensed with? Will lengthening my driver increase my swing speed and if so, by how much, and is the lengthening worth the effort? What kind of effect can I anticipate from my changes in the my swing and setup?

Swing Speed RadarGolfSwing Speed Diary [HTML] provides a daily summary of practice sessions which use a radar device that measures swing speeds to test a variety of ideas in the Guide to the Golf Swing.