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Canada's Tax Policies and Inequality: Inequality is a concern for many. This study looks at Canada's tax policies, and the contribution they make to inequality in Canada.

Small Business How-To Knowledge Base The document provides a comprehensive list of the topics a small business owner or manager may need to deal with. It is based on subjects covered on the websites of the Small Business Administration in the United States, the Government of Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Tanzania Business Knowledge Project The document provides an outline how the business how-to knowledge base that is readily available in English speaking country through, for example, the Governments of Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, could be made available to entrepreneurs in Tanzania. The project outlines how the digital revolution would be applied to business development in Tanzania, with significant economic impact at relatively little cost.

Aboriginal Economic Development: Aboriginal economic development, or the lack thereof, affects all Canadians. This section uses the 2006 Census to explore specific aspects of this problem. A better understanding of the problems is necessary to provide the basis for reasonable and cost-effective solutions.

Aboriginal Employment and Unemployment: The document compares the 2001 and 2006 Censuses in terms of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employment for Canada as a whole, as well as on-reserve and off-reserve locations.

Aboriginal Labour Force by Schooling: The document summarizes data from the 2006 Census in terms of highest level of schooling for Aboriginal on-reserve and off-reserve Canadians, as well as non-Aboriginal Canadians.

Aboriginal Schooling Gap: The document uses data from the 2006 Census to quantify the schooling gap between Aborignal Canadians, on- and off-reserve, and non-Aborigional Canadians.