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Tanzania Business Knowledge Project

Executive Summary

The Tanzania Business Knowledge Project would apply the digital revolution to business development in Tanzania by:

  1. Assembling English language generic basic business how-to knowledge documents from foreign government and quasi-government organizations.
  2. Adapting and supplementing the foreign business knowledge documents for utilization in Tanzania.
  3. Making the documents relevant to a Tanzania audience by translating them into Swahili.
  4. Developing Swahili video and audio materials based on the documents and other sources.
  5. Distributing the documents, videos and audios primarily through a website but also through other digital distribution mechanisms.

The Project would be effective because:

  1. It would have the potential to reach and benefit a large and growing Tanzanian audience.
  2. It would provide existing and aspiring entrepreneurs with knowledge essential to the success of their businesses.
  3. The development costs would not be large because the world's basic business knowledge is available at no cost and requires only adaption and translation into Swahili.
  4. The ongoing costs would be low because the knowledge base would be relatively static.
  5. The Project would be foundational for business development in Tanzania since:
    1. It would support the development of more effective business advisory services provided by the Government of Tanzania, non-government organizations, and private business advisers.
    2. It would provide a base for the development of business training programs from colleges and universities and for the incorporation of business knowledge content into non-business training courses.
  6. The Project would be foundational for similar projects:
    1. For business development in Swahili speaking and countries.
    2. In other sectors in Tanzania, notably education and health.
    3. In other countries wishing to capitalize on the digital revolution for development purposes.

The Project