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Climate Change Technologies

Technologies fr Getting to Zero Emissions by 2060

Technologies are only one way to address climate. Other mechanisms include lifestyle changes, economics, and policies.

That said, there is a major role for technologies to save us from the ravages of climate change, eventually. As at the time of writing, we have forty years for technologies to be developed.

Here we do an update on key technologies related to climate change. The update is based on reports from the Science Daily. Science Daily scans the scientific and technological literature for science-related information, and provides short descriptions to the scientific and technological reports.

Climate-related technologies include: solar energy, wind energy, the electrical grid, nitrogen fixation and electric vehicles.

We scan Science Daily reports over an eighteen month period (December 1, 2018 to May 31, 2020 for relevant reports on the selected topics, and provide short summaries of the articles and pointers to the articles themselves.

We leave it to your judgment to decide whether we humans are on track for a zero emission plant by 2060.

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