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Table of Contents

Global Warming and Canada
Getting to Zero Emissions by 2060

Chapter 1: Canada’s Emissions3
Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory3
Canada’s Emission Profile3
The Challenge5
Chapter 2: Fossil Fuels6
Past Emissions6
National Priorities6
Non-energy Use of Fossil Fuels7
Efficient Fossil Fuels7
Carbon Capture and Storage7
Capture from Combustion8
Transportation and Storage of Captured CO29
Fugitive Emissions10
Getting to Zero by 206011
Projected Emissions13
Chapter 3: Generally Electric14
Past Emissions14
Meeting Canada’s Energy Needs through Electricity Without Fossil Fuels14
Potential Energy Sources16
Solar 20
Photovoltaic Systems23
Solar Heat 25
Other Technologies26
Water Power 26
Ocean Wave and Tidal Energy28
Nuclear 30
Thermal 31
Grid Management 33
The Collection System.34
The Distribution System.34
Super Grids and High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Lines37
Removing Demand Peaks39
A Final Note41
Getting to Zero by 206041
Projected Emissions41
Chapter 4: Stationary Combustion Sources43
Past Emissions43
Reducing Energy Demand44
Getting to Zero by 206046
Projected Emissions47
Chapter 5: Road and Off-Road Transportation48
Past Emissions48
The Electric Vehicle49
Battery-Powered Vehicles50
Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles53
Production of Hydrogen53
Distribution of Hydrogen54
Storage of Hydrogen54
Electricity Generation55
Implementing the Hydrogen Economy55
Vehicle Usage Strategies57
Improving Car Design58
Getting to Zero by 206058
Projected Emissions59
Chapter 6: Aviation and Marine60
Past Emissions60
Past Emissions65
Getting to Zero by 206066
Projected Emissions67
Chapter 7: Railways68
Past Emissions68
Getting to Zero by 206069
Projected Emissions69
Chapter 8: Industrial Processes70
Past Emissions70
Getting to Zero by 206071
Projected Emissions71
Chapter 9: Solvent and Other Product Use72
Past Emissions72
Getting to Zero by 206072
Projected Emissions72
Chapter 10: Agriculture73
Past Emissions73
Enteric Fermentation73
Manure Management74
Agriculture Soils74
Getting to Zero by 206076
Projected Emissions76
Chapter 11: Waste77
Past Emissions77
Solid Waste Disposal on Land77
Getting to Zero by 206079
Projected Emissions79
Chapter 12: The Six Percent Solution80
Canada's Emissions in 206080
Canada in 206080
The Way Forward81
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