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Though this be madness, yet there is method in't
William Shakespeare a.k.a. Edward de Vere

Generally Eclectic is dedicated to providing information that may interest, amuse, and challenge visitors.

The method is to take subjects of interest, research and analyze them, organize the findings, present them simply and in a comprehendable way, and share them through this website in the event that others may find the work useful.

There is, of course, the risk of Ultracrepidarianism.

It is an independent site, neither receiving nor seeking income from any external source. It takes pride in the absence of advertisements from search providers.

It began operations in May 2009 with one active component - Guide to the Golf Swing. Other components have been added over time, with additions planned.

The most recent update occurred in 2018, to accommodate the fact that many users access the website with their smart phones. To accommodate, the site now has a responsive design, and many documents are now in HTML format (rather than PDF) to accommodate the small viewing screens on smart phones.

Many thanks to for the many helpful coding tips.

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