King Henry the Fourth Part Two

Plot Summary

In despair at the death of his son, the Earl of Northumberland lends his support to a second rebellion, led by the Archbishop of York. As the threat of civil war looms over the country, King Henry grows sick, while also fearing that his son Hal has returned to his old life with Falstaff. Falstaff is sent on a recruiting expedition and renews old acquaintance in Gloucestershire. The rebel army is met by the King's forces, led this time by John of Lancaster. On his deathbed, King Henry is reconciled with his son Hal, who has begun to distance himself from his former companions. A new, mature Hal accepts the crown as Henry V.

Relationship to De Vere

The historical Shakespearean plays were the product of de Vere's arrangement with Queen Elizabeth in which she paid de Vere an annuity of £1,000 and in return de Vere writes propaganda plays for the masses to promote the virtues of and loyalty to the regime.